Copy Cat

Collaboration with Liz Bayan
Digital Video, 1,152 Plastic Cats, Vintage Furniture

Copy Cat
John Ross Plaza Studio
Portland, OR
March 4, 2010

With the insemination of computers and the internet into our daily lives, the way we view ownership has been slowly changing. When the printing press was introduced and information was available, for the first time, people were no longer dependent on authority to educate themselves. As such, not only was the common person now literate, people began writing and taking credit for their creative endeavors.

Now we see something very much similar happening. The digital age has created a new sense of ownership. With the availability of handheld cameras, web cams and cell phones with cameras, the common person, has the means of creating. Video work is not longer solely in the hands of a select few. Anybody, anywhere can pick up a camera and film something. We are seeing a familiar trend in information insemination. And in fact, in information multiplicity.

Special thanks to Andrew Parnell for help with producing signs and packaging.